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We help students recognize their emotions and manage stress with social-emotional learning.

TeleHelp 24/7 Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a student benefit program that helps students with personal, academic, and social-emotional problems that may impact their academic performance, health, mental and emotional well-being. TeleHelp 24/7 partners will partner with colleges, universities, and secondary schools.


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Below is a list of services included in this program:

  • 24/7 Student Assistance Program for Underrepresented Community Members 

  • Dedicated Account Manager to provide On-Site Training and Orientation

  • Regular meetings with Student Affairs or SAP Lead 

  • Counseling/Substance Abuse Sessions

  • Quarterly and Semesterly Reporting


  • Student Orientation and Training for Services Access and Navigation

  • Customized Media Student Awareness Campaign  

  • Scheduled Membership “TALK-IT-OUT” Sessions for Coping Skill Development

  • All Student Sessions are HIPAA Protected and Not Subject to Client Knowledge Without Student Written Consent 

  • Students Who Are Identified Ineligible for Virtual Mental Health Services will be referred to Outpatient Services with Consent 

  • The proposed cost is a Per Student Per Month (PSPM) Model

Why virtual counseling with


TeleHelp 24/7?

We provide you with an opportunity to have an instant connection with a licensed therapist for you, to talk to about anything through our secure digital platform. Any and all information you share in your virtual talk counseling sessions is always confidential and absolutely private (HIPAA compliant).


Our clinical professionals understand your academic demands, constant work schedules, family dynamics, social challenges, and more.  Whether your concern is school-related or not, we've partnered with your institutions to provide a platform where you can reach someone when you need it most.

At TeleHelp 24/7 cultural competency is not just our message, but more importantly our purpose.  We are sensitive to your needs and value who you are. Our proficiency in understanding, communicating, and effectively interacting with you is our primary focus. 

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From students, like you.

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Get started, from anywhere.

Download our mobile app or launch our platform from the web and sign in to start chatting with our licensed therapists and advisors waiting for you. 


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If you are in a life-threatening situation please dail 911 or - Call +1 (800) 273-8255. 



Choose how you'd like to begin your TeleHelp 24/7 Journey. Select from the options below to view pricing details for service.

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