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Someone to listen, at a click. Whenever for whatever!


TeleHelp 24/7 Mental Healthcare Benefits Plan (MHBP) is a service plan that addresses the mental health and medical needs of students, faculty, and staff. This plan offers 24/7 care for non-emergency conditions like cold & flu, sinus infections, allergies, and medication management. It also offers mental health diagnoses and treatment. 



Below is a list of services offered in this program:

  • 24/7 Tele-Mental health counseling and medication management for all employees, students, faculty, and staff during the coverage period

  • Dedicated account manager to provide college orientations, on-site & virtual workshops, and college health fair

  • Counseling Sessions= 60 mins

  • Medication management sessions= 30 mins

  • Laboratory and diagnostic testing

  • Faculty and staff psychological evaluations

  • Quarterly and semester reporting

  • Employees, Students, Faculty and staff orientation and training for service access and navigation

  • Customized media for employees, students, faculty, and staff awareness campaign

  • Scheduled student “TALK-IT-OUT” sessions for coping skills development

  • All Employees, Students, Faculty, and staff sessions are HIPPA Protected and not subjected to University knowledge without written consent

  • Employees, Students, faculty, and staff who are identified as ineligible for virtual mental health services will be referred to outpatient services with consent

  • Employees, Students, faculty, and staff who are identified to be a danger to themselves or others will be referred to campus security

  • TeleHelp 24/7 will track behavioral patterns based on client reports and utilization of services



Begin your Mental Health Benefit Plan journey by reaching out to our TeleHelp 24/7 Staff to begin the process of connecting you with the best help possible for your unique needs.

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