Get individual access to TeleHelp 24/7 with special open enrollment pricing for a limited time.


Community Assistance Program Open Enrollment Period is from November 1st - December 31, 2021.


Introductory price is $120 for 4 Sessions (as low as $30/session.)


Pricing is only available during this enrollment window, at one membership per person. First-time users only.


In January 2022, you will receive your credentials via email to log into our TeleHelp 24/7 portal to begin.

TeleHelp 24/7 initiatives are designed to reduce the stigma, promote mental wellness education, and to increase awareness around the risk of untreated mental health challenges.


Thank You!

TeleHelp 24/7 (CAP) is a service plan that addresses the mental health and substance use needs of all clients in need. The CAP offers 24/7 mental health diagnosis and treatment of care for non-emergency mental health and substance use conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, relationship challenges, opioid, alcohol, etc.  


24/7 Tele-Mental Health and Substance Use counseling for all CAP members during the coverage period. CAP Enrollment period = November 1st – December 15th. CAP Mental Health and Substance Use Counseling Sessions = 50 mins. CAP Monthly utilization reporting. CAP Customized media for the member awareness campaign. CAP members are invited to schedule “TALK-IT-OUT” sessions for coping skills development. CAP member sessions are HIPPA Protected and entitled to privacy unless written consent. CAP members identified as ineligible for virtual mental health services will be referred to in-person outpatient services with consent. CAP members identified to be a danger to themselves, or others will invoke crisis protocols. CAP membership cost = $120 per person per year. CAP members are entitled to 4 coaching or counseling sessions that can be used throughout the 2022 calendar year. CAP members are required to complete enrollment information. CAP members will receive a CAP membership card. CAP counseling sessions are not transferable and/or cannot roll over into the following calendar year. CAP members have the option to self-pay or use insurance when CAP sessions are used up. CAP members can access all commercial insurances, government-sponsored insurance such as Medicaid and Medicare, Tri-Care, and supplemental coverage. CAP members can self-pay with VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, Healthcare Savings Account, and Flexible Spending Account Visa Cards. CAP members can submit self-pay receipts to member insurance for reimbursement.